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Tune in next Tuesday when Raylan and the mob compete to capture a fugitive racing to the Mexican border!  Oh yes, gunfire will be heavily involved.

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As the new guy at the Lexington office, Raylan inherits the task of interfacing with Arnold Pinter, an eccentric confidential informant. Pinter’s a Brooklyn-born bookie/jack of all trades who offices out of the corner booth at a Lexington diner. Pinter briefly introduces Raylan to Samantha, a pretty waitress at the diner who Pinter thinks of as something of a protégé. Then, after whining about being stuck in small-town America, Pinter gives Raylan information on a fugitive named “Tiny” Winfield. The name is a joke, as “Tiny” is anything but.

After Raylan leaves, Pinter gets a visit from Curtis Mims, a muscular leg-breaker type. Pinter tells Curtis about Raylan – he’s excited about having met the marshal that shot Tommy Bucks in Miami not too long ago (in the pilot episode!). Pinter then sends Curtis off to collect $15,000 he’s owed from a guy named Travis Travers.

Raylan and the marshals, meanwhile, locate “Tiny” at one of his lady friends’ homes. They’re armed to the teeth to deal with this giant of a man, only to find him all but gift-wrapped for them. He’s spread-eagle on his girlfriend’s bed, cuffed to the bedpost in preparation for some kinky fun.

Curtis Mims, find Travis Travers lounging outside his home, smoking a joint. Travis is so laid back he doesn’t even react to Curtis’ threats until Curtis pulls a pair of garden shears out of his pocket and holds them to Travis’ ear. Even then, instead of giving Curtis the fifteen grand, Travis tells Curtis he’s got an idea that can make them both ten times that much. Curtis is all ears.

The next day, Raylan gets worried when Pinter isn’t at the restaurant to collect his $20,000 reward for turning over Tiny. Raylan goes to Pinter’s house, where he comes across Travis Travers. Travis claims to be a friend of Pinter’s. He claims that Pinter has been out of town for a week. Now Raylan knows Travis is lying.

After his encounter with Raylan, Travis rushes back to his own place and lets Curtis know someone’s looking for Pinter. Curtis recognizes Raylan’s description as the marshal Pinter had told him about. It turns out Curtis and Travis are keeping Arnold Pinter in one of Travis’ bedrooms, tied up with a bag over his head like something out of Afghanistan or Iraq. They’re planning to use modern fear-based torture techniques to get Pinter to turn over his secret “escape fund,” a bank account he’s been amassing since moving to Kentucky. Now that Raylan’s on the trail, Travis and Curtis know they’re going to have to speed things up.

That night, Travis and Pinter, ski masks on to hide their identities, take the bag off Pinter’s head to reveal they’ve got Pinter’s protégé Samantha held captive as well. They threaten to torture her with the garden shears if Pinter won’t turn over his cash. Pinter says “go ahead, Curtis.” Not only has Pinter figured out who they are, he also knows Samantha’s in on it. She’s the only one who knew about his secret escape fund, it turns out.

It’s back to the drawing board for Travis, Curtis, and Samantha. As they discuss their next move, Raylan shows up at the house. Curtis pockets his gun and goes out to face him, planning to “outdraw the gunslinger,” so to speak. Raylan defuses any possible violence by informing Curtis that he’s just looking for Pinter so he can give him the reward money for turning over Tiny. Curtis kindly offers to hold onto it for Pinter until he gets back, and Raylan agrees to come back in a little while with the cash.

Once Raylan is gone, Curtis convinces Travis to help him practice his quick-draw so he can outdraw Raylan once Raylan returns with the money. Curtis and Travis draw, Curtis says “bang, you’re dead,” but Travis actually pulls the trigger on his gun, blows Curtis away.

Over Samantha’s objection, Travis is about to torture Pinter with the deceased Curtis’ shears when Raylan returns with the reward money. As Travis signs for the money, Samantha sneaks back into Pinter’s room, gives him a gun and starts trying to untie him.

Travis pulls a gun on Raylan, but Raylan’s able to escape into another part of the house and radio for help. Raylan bursts into Pinter’s room and Pinter shoots him in the chest, thinking it must be Travis coming through the door. Raylan’s wearing a bulletproof vest, but the shot still floors him, has him gasping for breath as Pinter calls out his apologies. As he lays on the ground, Raylan sees the kitchen door coming open, and knows it’s Travis coming for him. He shoots through the kitchen door, killing Travis.

Pinter cares so much for Samantha that he lies for her, claims she was a hostage, too, and not in league with Curtis and Travis. He talks to Raylan about why he never would’ve given up his escape fund, even if they killed him. What use is buying back his life if his dreams go with it?

And then, against his better judgment, Raylan gives in to his desires and shows up at Ava Crowder’s door with a bottle of wine. The last we see is their very passionate kiss.

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Dare I say it? More gunplay!

In tracking a vanished confidential informant, Raylan goes against a pair of violent ex-cons who are just dying for a showdown with “The Kentucky Cowboy.”

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Raylan visits Boyd in his prison hospital bed. Boyd wants to know if Raylan let him live on purpose, and Raylan says no, he meant to kill him. Boyd, still in great pain from his gunshot wound, tells Raylan he feels God allowed him to live for a reason. That he is God’s instrument, now. He doesn’t elaborate, but it’s probably not the last Raylan will hear about this.

That night, a pair of state prison inmates, both members of a prison band that dresses up in old-time prison stripes and plays at parties, escape during a performance. On the way to check out the prison, Raylan stops at a convenience store that’s open suspiciously late. The convicts are indeed inside, but they get the jump on Raylan, take his badge, guns, car, even his hat. One of the convicts, Cooper, then turns on the other one, tells him to get lost, he’s on his own. Cooper has his own plans.

Raylan finds it strange Cooper broke out with only 3 months left on a 15 year stint. He and Tim check up with Cooper’s ex-wife Shirley. She’s now hanging with her cousin Dupree and claims she hasn’t talked to Cooper in years. As soon as Raylan leaves, Cooper shows up at Shirley’s place with a shotgun. It turns out Cooper broke out because he’d heard about houses getting broken into and the floorboards getting ripped up in a housing development called Riverbrook – the same development he hid his bank robbery stash in 15 years ago when the houses were still under construction. Sure enough, Shirley and Dupree were breaking into random houses trying to take Cooper’s money before he got out of prison. The trio decides to team up, since Cooper of course knows exactly which house the loot is in.

Cooper, Shirley, and Dupree find the house, Cooper remembers which one it is because of it’s position in relation to a school that was being built along with the development. They break in, spend hours pulling up the floorboards… And find nothing! Dupree figures if Cooper doesn’t know where the loot is, he’s worthless, so he pulls a gun and shoots Cooper in the gut. Shirley and Dupree leave, Dupree apparently with some idea of which house to hit next.

That same night, Ava shows up unannounced at Raylan’s hotel room with amorous intentions. Raylan resists, but sleeps restlessly, getting up in the middle of the night to read the paper. He sees an article in the newspaper about floorboards getting ripped up all over Riverbrook and understands immediately. He knows now why Cooper broke out when he did. Raylan heads for Riverbrook with the marshals in tow. They find the gutshot Cooper, who’s got no idea where the other two went. Rachel points out there are TWO schools in the development, now, and Cooper was using the wrong school for reference.

Dupree and Shirley, meanwhile, have located the correct house and have the family living there tied up. It turns out the family found the hidden money during a remodeling project, though, and they’ve spent every penny. Furious, Dupree shoots the man of the house in the foot.

Using the correct school as reference, Raylan is able to locate Dupree and Shirley. It’s a hostage situation, now. Dupree and Shirley hold the family inside the house hostage. Raylan goes in alone and tries to talk Dupree down, but Dupree won’t give himself up. Dupree turns off the lights in the house, hoping he won’t be able to be sniped from outside. In a fit of conscience, however, Shirley flips the lights back on and Tim snipes him through the window.

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Gunplay! Hostages! A hidden fortune! Everything you want from TV is right here on FX next Tuesday on an all new “Justified!”

U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens gets more than he bargained for when he investigates a jailbreak, leading to a race against time to catch the fugitive before he finds his hidden loot and skips town.

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U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, on assignment in Miami, has given gangster Tommy Bucks 24 hours to leave town. With the deadline approaching, Raylan finds Bucks eating a meal at a poolside hotel restaurant. He gives Bucks another chance to leave town, but Bucks pulls a gun instead, and Raylan pulls his and kills him.

Due to the controversial nature of the Tommy Bucks shooting, Raylan gets transferred against his will to his home state of Kentucky. Art, the chief at Raylan’s new post, wants to know if Raylan’s familiar with Boyd Crowder, who originates from Raylan’s hometown of Harlan. Raylan does know Boyd, they used to dig coal together. These days, Boyd is a white supremacist specializing in robbing banks and acts of domestic terrorism, and the Marshals Service is trying to make a case against him.

The very night Raylan arrives back in Kentucky, Boyd Crowder and a new skinhead recruit, Jerod, blow up a church in a nearby town. As Boyd levels and aims the rocket-launcher, he shouts, “fire in the hole!” Later on, the untrusting Boyd kills Jerod in cold blood, incorrectly believing him to be an informant.

The next day, Raylan and the other marshals investigate the church explosion. Witnesses differ on what Boyd said when he fired, but the pastor, Pastor Fandi, thinks it was “fire in the hole.” Turns out that’s also what Boyd used to say back when he and Raylan dug coal, and Boyd would set charges underground. Raylan convinces Pastor Fandi to do a lineup and see if he can identify the man with the rocket launcher.

When Raylan hears that Boyd’s brother Bowman got killed by his wife, Ava, just the night before, Raylan goes to see her. Maybe she can help build the case against Boyd. Ava’s happy to see Raylan, she had a crush on him in high school. She’s not broken up about killing Bowman whatsoever. She was sick of him beating on her. She jumps in the shower to freshen up and one of Boyd’s minions, Dewey Crowe, shows up looking for her. Raylan identifies himself and tells Dewey to leave. Dewey gets a shotgun out of his car, but Raylan disarms him, roughs him up a little, and tells him to let Boyd know he’s looking for him. Once Ava gets out of the shower, she’s able to tell Raylan where Boyd’s probably hiding out.

Raylan shows up at Boyd’s church hideout. They have a drink of moonshine and Raylan accuses Boyd of using the whole Aryan nation thing as a way of getting recruits to help him rob banks and blow stuff up. He tells Boyd to show up for the lineup. Boyd does show up, but Pastor Fandi is unable, or unwilling, to identify Boyd. As Raylan’s walking him out, Boyd mimics Raylan’s stand with Tommy Bucks and gives Raylan 24 hours to leave town… or else.

That night, Art, Tim, and Rachel, Raylan’s colleagues, are holed up in Raylan’s hotel room waiting for Boyd to make his move. Raylan gets a call from Ava Crowder (she’d invited him to supper) encouraging him to come to her house, telling him the food is almost done. Raylan can tell from her voice that Boyd is there, forcing her to make the call.

Raylan and the other marshals head out in separate cars, but before they get too far, the other marshals are ambushed by some of Boyd’s men. Although they are able to disable and disarm Boyd’s lackeys with relative ease, they get separated from Raylan, who continues on to Ava’s, followed at a distance by Dewey Crowe and Devil. Deep in the woods en route to Ava’s, though, Raylan stops his car in the middle of the road and leaves it there, so when Dewey and friend come upon it, they’re confused as to where he’s gone. Once they stop their car, Raylan sneaks up on them, climbs in their back seat with a shotgun and makes them handcuff themselves to the wheel.

Raylan arrives at Ava’s house to find Boyd at the head of the table eating chicken, a pistol on the table next to him. He makes Raylan put his shotgun in the other room, so all he’s got is his holstered sidearm. Raylan sits across the table from Boyd. Boyd wants to know if this is anything like Raylan’s confrontation with Tommy Bucks. The situation’s tense. Boyd has the upper hand, his gun out on the table and Raylan’s holstered. But Ava Crowder, the wild card in this situation, enters the room with Raylan’s shotgun. She points it at Boyd, Boyd grabs his gun, Raylan pulls his and shoots Boyd in the chest.

Boyd lives, the bullet hitting him near the heart, but not quite in it, the last we see of him he’s being carried into an ambulance.

Raylan, meanwhile, drives back to Lexington and breaks into his ex-wife Winona’s house. It’s the middle of the night and Winona’s new husband Gary finds Raylan sitting at the table with a drink in his hand. Gary almost has a heart attack. Winona comes down to see Raylan, who just needs someone to talk to. He wonders aloud if he would’ve shot Tommy Bucks even if Tommy Bucks hadn’t pulled his gun first. He says he never thought of himself as an angry man. “You’re the angriest man I’ve ever known,” Winona replies.

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