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Raylan’s father Arlo needs protection from an angry Bo Crowder, and he hopes the marshal’s service is willing to oblige. Raylan and his boss Art discuss the situation with Arlo and try to find out if Arlo can be a snitch for them. “What’s it pay?” Arlo asks.

Bo, meanwhile, is in Miami commiserating with Gio, the head of the Miami cartel. Gio introduces Bo to a couple of his people, Ernesto and Pilar. The two of them will be bringing the meth-cooking ingredients up to Harlan via truck in the near future. Gio is very clear with Bo that high expectations come with receiving this much product, and Bo assures him he’s up to the challenge, even with that pesky Raylan Givens hovering around.

Raylan and Art bring Assistant United States Attorney Vasquez in to talk to Arlo. Arlo wants money to give to Bo to get back on Bo’s good side, and Vasquez promises twenty thousand dollars. Raylan insists Arlo should wear a wire, but Arlo refuses and leaves. Art insists that Raylan get over his issues with Arlo and demands Raylan go down to Harlan and get Arlo back on board, with or without a wire.

Ava arrives at her house that night to find Bo’s men there, lounging on her furniture. They threaten her, making it clear Bo plans to make life a living hell for Ava as long as she’s in Harlan. Ava storms out and drives off into the night.

That same night Winona shows up at Raylan’s hotel room, and without saying much of anything she kisses him, and they make love. Then, just as wordlessly, Winona leaves. In the parking lot outside, a saddened Ava witnesses Winona leaving the hotel room.

The next day at a church in Harlan, Boyd takes to the pulpit to “testify,” making a point of saying people should stand up against evil, and this with his father Bo there in attendance. After the service, Boyd tells Bo that if Bo brings drugs into Harlan, Boyd will destroy it. Bo tells Boyd that if he does that he’ll be signing his own death warrant.

Meanwhile, Raylan arrives at the VFW looking for Arlo and finds a police tactical team outside about to storm the place. The new sheriff, Sheriff Davis, gives Raylan a hard time at first because she blames Raylan for Sheriff Hunter’s arrest, but eventually she tells him what’s going on. There’s a soldier inside named Lucky who’s so upset about not being able to join his team in Afghanistan that he’s taken a grenade inside and is threatening to blow himself up. As Raylan and the tactical team watch, Arlo tells a story about his own service that convinces Lucky to put down the grenade and choose to live.

After Lucky’s escorted from the VFW, Raylan has what almost passes as a civil chat with Arlo. Arlo even agrees to wear a wire.

Across town, Ava confronts Bo, shotgun in hand. Bo demands Ava leave Kentucky, but Ava still refuses, leaving them at something of an impasse.

Arlo, wearing a wire, goes to see Bo, but instead of trying to get information for the marshals, Arlo silently reveals the wire, scribbling messages back and forth with Bo on a piece of paper. He wants to feed disinformation to the marshals via the wire while getting paid for it by Bo. Bo says he’ll think about it.

That night, Raylan goes to see Ava. She reveals to him she saw Winona at his hotel the night before. She also tells him she can’t leave Harlan, no matter what Bo says. It’s her home.

In another part of Harlan, Ernesto and Pilar are forced to stop their truck full of drugs when they encounter a broken down truck in the middle of the road. They get out and chase away the driver, only to be waylaid by masked men, including one with a bazooka. “Fire in the hole!” the masked Boyd says as he blows the truck to smithereens.

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Raylan drinks alone at a dive bar, depressed and essentially suspended for the week due to his unwise actions of late. A couple of rednecks at the other end of the bar loudly crack crude jokes about a woman one of them was with. Raylan asks them to quiet down. One thing leads to another and a half-drunk Raylan meets the pair outside for a round of fisticuffs. Raylan holds his own… for about ten seconds. Then one of the guys smacks him over the head with a two by four and the rout is on. As a final insult, the rednecks take Raylan’s hat with them when they leave.

Later on, Raylan’s ex-wife Winona is at his place patching him up and tells him about Wynn Duffy’s surprise visit a few days before. An associate of her husband Gary’s, Duffy had essentially broken into her house and made veiled threats against Winona. Raylan says he’s going to go have a talk with Duffy.

Gary, meanwhile, goes to see an old college friend, Toby, who also happens to be an ex-NFL player. Gary confesses to Toby that he’s borrowed close to a million dollars from some sordid characters, and now it’s come time to pay but he can’t. Toby says he can’t help him with the money, but he’d be happy to help him confront these loan sharks.

Raylan goes to see Wynn Duffy, finds him in a messy storefront office with his thug sidekick, Billy Mac. Duffy will neither confirm nor deny his association with Gary. Raylan gets out before he’s thrown out, but Duffy sends Billy Mac to tail him.

Duffy’s on the phone with his boss, Emmitt Arnett, when Gary and his old friend Toby come by. Gary explains to Duffy that Arnett will make more money if he’ll just wait for the land he bought to increase its value. While Gary talks, Toby stands in the background looking threatening. Duffy seems unmoved by any of this. He suggests to Toby that he extricate himself from this situation, but Toby replies with threats. As Gary and Toby leave, Duffy promises to relay this conversation to Arnett.

Raylan goes to see Arnold Pinter, the bookie he saved from a kidnapping a few weeks earlier. Pinter tells Raylan that Duffy is working for Arnett, and that both of them are pretty tough hombres.

That same night, Duffy and Billy Mac show up at Toby’s house. Billy Mac, a one-time featherweight boxer, beats Toby up pretty bad out of retaliation for backing Gary.

Duffy and Billy Mac next show up at Gary’s office as he’s getting off work. They rough Gary up and tell him what they did to Toby, and that worse will happen to Gary and Winona if Gary doesn’t pay up by the next day.

Later that night, Raylan shows up at Billy Mac’s house, takes his gun from him and convinces him to reveal their plans for Gary and Winona. Billy Mac says they’re planning to at the very least kidnap Winona, and maybe worse.

Raylan goes to see Winona. He explains what’s going on and that he needs to get her somewhere safe. As he drives her to a hotel, Winona reveals to Raylan why she chose Gary over him. That Gary “wants things,” and wants a better life. His ambition led him down the wrong path, yes, but it’s one of the things she loves about him.

Raylan finds Gary at the plot of land he bought with Arnett’s money. Gary’s about to shoot himself, but Raylan talks him out of it. He gets Gary talking about his plans for the land. Reminds him what makes life worth living for him.

The next morning, Raylan and Gary go to Duffy’s office. Duffy, Billy Mac, Arnett, and one of Arnett’s thugs are all there. Gary hands over the deed to the land, explaining to Arnett that even now it’s worth about what Gary owes him, and in the future it will be worth far more. Arnett’s fine with this, but Duffy isn’t. Duffy was supposed to get paid out of the cash Gary handed over. How’s he supposed to collect, now? Duffy and Billy Mac pull guns, as does Arnett’s thug. The three of them fire nearly simultaneously and all end up writhing on the ground. Arnett slips out with the deed and Raylan and Gary leave unharmed.

Finally, Raylan returns to the dive bar he got beat up at a few days before. He finds the rednecks in possession of his hat, but although he makes it known he won’t back down from a fight if that’s what it takes, he’s able to talk the rednecks into turning it over without violence.

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Bo Crowder approaches Ava in a Lexington restaurant. Lets her know he got out of prison early because when Harlan County sheriff Hunter got nailed by Raylan, all Hunter’s cases went under the microscope and anybody nearing their release was simply let out. Bo goes on to make thinly veiled threats against Ava until Raylan shows up and asks him to leave.

Meanwhile, Winona, Raylan’s ex-wife, gets home from work early and discovers a man lurking in her house. He introduces himself as Wynn Duffy, home security expert, and claims to know Winona’s husband Gary. Duffy makes remarks about the importance of security and privacy and about the fact that he was so easily able to not only get into Winona’s home but also ascertain when she would arrive home and whether or not she would be alone. Winona asks him to leave and he does, but clearly Duffy is trying to send some kind of message.

At the marshals office, a prisoner named Cal Wallace is being held pending a hearing to decide whether or not he’ll be transferred to a supermax prison. As two guards escort him through the office, Wallace produces a shank, disables one of the guards and puts the shank to the other’s throat. As the marshals in the office mobilize, Wallace backs into the marshals’ locker room, taking both of his guards hostage.

Wallace opens the door a crack, holds one of the guards in front of him, shank to his throat. Raylan tries to talk Wallace out of doing anything rash, but Wallace is savvy to hostage situations – probably more so than Raylan. Wallace makes no demands. He’s serving four life sentences and knows nothing’s going to change for him.

Rachel points out one of Wallace’s tattoos to Raylan. It says “Simone.” Raylan asks Wallace who Simone is, trying to make a connection and find something Wallace wants. At first Wallace seems emotional about Simone. He says it’s his daughter who he hasn’t seen in years. But then Wallace laughs and reveals he made that up and that Simone is just the first person he murdered.

Wallace angrily denounces the prison guards he’s dealt with. Guards who enjoy turning men into animals, he says. He talks about the prison guards turning his food into “juke cakes,” blending it all together and baking it until it’s burnt on both sides. Wallace says he wouldn’t let them screw with him, though, and just pretended the juke cakes were fried chicken. Raylan gets Wallace reminiscing about his favorite fried chicken places and forms something of a bond with him through that.

Art tells Raylan he’s only got fifteen minutes before a tactical team arrives and busts in on Wallace, probably resulting in both Wallace and the guard’s death. Raylan suggests to Art that they bring in some fried chicken. He thinks if they can give Wallace a way out in which he doesn’t lose face, he’ll take it.

Meanwhile, at Winona’s house, Winona confronts Gary about Wynn Duffy. At first he denies knowing Wynn, but Winona keeps pressing. She’s been through Gary’s email and knows something strange is going on. They quarrel and after a few barbs regarding Raylan, Gary leaves.

Raylan’s fellow marshal Tim arrives at a fried chicken joint just as it’s about to close. There’s only one basket of chicken available, and it’s for another customer. Tim takes it anyway, officially requisitioning the fried chicken on behalf of the US Marshal Service.

By this time the tac team has arrived at the marshals office and the tac team commander is insisting they go ahead and move on Wallace. Art talks them into giving Raylan two more minutes. Tim arrives with the chicken just in time and Raylan hands a drumstick to Wallace through the crack in the door. Raylan tells Wallace there’s nothing he can do about the tac team, but if he’ll hand over his weapons, Raylan will bring him chicken each of the next three days of Wallace’s hearing, and maybe they can even sit down and eat it together like civilized people. That’s what Wallace wants, right? To be treated like a civilized person? Wallace relents, hands over his weapons, and the tac team rushes him.

Later that same day, Raylan and Art have a meeting with Assistant US Attorney David Vasquez. Vasquez shocks them both by putting photos on the table of Raylan and Ava together, including photos of them together in bed. Raylan suspects the Crowders must have had someone take them. Regardless, because the witness in Boyd’s confrontation with Raylan – Ava – is compromised, Vasquez is going to be forced to let Boyd go.

Raylan meets Boyd outside the prison upon his release. Boyd says it’s God’s will for him to walk free and for him to spread God’s word. Raylan tells Boyd he’s going to get him put back in prison where he belongs.

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Johnny Crowder sees Ava at the hardware store and begins making veiled threats regarding what her ex father in law Bo Crowder might do to her when he gets out of prison.

That night, Raylan’s staying the night at Ava’s house when a masked gunman breaks into the house and takes shots at them with a shotgun. Raylan struggles with the gunman, and as he flees, Raylan shoots at him and connects at least once.

Upon investigating the shooting, Harlan County Sheriff Hunter’s first idea is to question Johnny Crowder, given his earlier threats against Ava. Raylan doesn’t think it’s Johnny, but tags along with Hunter to Johnny’s bar to check him out. On the way, Hunter explains his history with the Crowder family to Raylan. Years ago, a Crowder cousin named Henry raped and murdered Hunter’s ten-year-old niece. Although Hunter was never able to track Henry down, he did begin riding the Crowders harder than he had in the past.

At Johnny’s bar, Hunter and Raylan check Johnny for wounds, assuming Raylan hit Ava’s attacker at least once. They don’t find any wounds on Johnny, and he denies any involvement.

The next day, a mysterious hit man named Duke appears to be watching Ava and Raylan. After watching them for a short while, Duke shows up at a remote cabin and converses with a gunshot young man named Red. Red is of course Ava and Raylan’s actual attacker. Duke dresses down Red, insinuating he wasn’t supposed to attack Ava and Raylan at all.

After arriving back in Lexington, Art has Rachel take Ava to a safe part of the courthouse, then tears into Raylan for being found in the bedroom of the only witness in Raylan’s shooting of Boyd. Does Raylan really think there will be no consequences to this?

In the meantime, Ava meets Winona officially for the first time. Winona sees her there in the courthouse, sits with her and bring up how difficult it is to be involved with a law enforcement officer. Ava plays coy, as if she has no idea why she would care about such a thing. Sheriff Hunter then appears unexpectedly, tells Ava that Raylan called him and suggested she go with him.

Raylan, meanwhile, is at Big Sandy prison chatting with Boyd. At first Boyd won’t do anything but quote the Bible to Raylan, driving Raylan to attack him right there in the prison. The guards have to restrain him. After he’s calmed down, Raylan tries to talk to Boyd once again. This time, Boyd is more cooperative. He tells Raylan that neither he nor his father Bo had anything to do with a hit on Ava. But Boyd does have an idea. What if the hit wasn’t on Ava at all, but on Raylan?

Hunter, meanwhile, shows up at the cabin Duke and Red are at. It turns out Boyd was absolutely right, the hit was on Raylan, and Hunter is in on it. He’s working for the Miami cartel along with Duke and Red, and the Miami cartel still wants revenge on Raylan for killing Tommy Bucks. After a minute of discussion, Hunter unexpectedly kills Duke. Hunter’s afraid Duke, being an actual contract killer sent by the cartel, might kill Red and himself after the hit on Raylan is done. Hunter then informs Red he’s got “something Raylan cares about” outside in the van. Of course he’s referring to the kidnapped Ava.

Using information garnered from Boyd, Raylan now knows what Hunter is up to, but when he gets Hunter on the phone, Hunter tells him he’s got Ava, and Ava will die if Raylan doesn’t show up at an appointed time and place.

When Raylan shows up at the meeting place, Hunter forces him into his squad car and the two of them follow the van driven by Red and carrying the bound Ava. Hunter figures even if there’s only a one in a million chance he gets away, it’s still worth a shot. During the drive, Raylan guesses correctly how the Miami cartel got their hooks in Hunter. They located and delivered Henry Crowder to Hunter, let Hunter kill him. Only when Hunter didn’t have quite enough cash to pay them, they offered an alternative – he could make sure their drugs got in and out of Harlan County without any trouble.

Inside the van, Ava loosens her bonds enough to attack Red, sending the van swerving all over the road and eventually off it and into a tree. Raylan uses this distraction to get the better of Hunter as well. Ava and Raylan are unharmed, and though Red and Hunter are both injured, they’ll live.

Meanwhile, at Big Sandy State Prison, some of Boyd’s fellow prisoners haven’t taken kindly to seeing him talk it up with Raylan so often. They label him a snitch, start to beat him down, but Boyd’s father Bo still holds some sway here, and he shows up in the nick of time and saves Boyd. Bo’s getting out soon, though. What becomes of Boyd after that?

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After foiling an apparent hit on Ava, Raylan will stop at nothing to track down the people responsible.

This is one of my favorite episodes, so enjoy!

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Raylan goes to see Boyd Crowder in prison. He’s still angry at his father Arlo and wants to know if Boyd has any dirt on him that could put him away. Boyd agrees to look into it.

The next morning, Raylan’s in his hotel room with Ava when his boss Art comes to the door. Raylan’s careful Art doesn’t see Ava when he slips out, but later, in the car, he all but admits he’s sleeping with Ava. Art’s furious, sleeping with a witness in a shooting involving himself, this could be a real black eye for both Raylan and the marshals.

Raylan and Art are on their way to visit an art dealer in Cincinnati as part of an ongoing case against Owen Carnes, a crooked Madoffesque money manager. Owen is trying to sell some valuable paintings, and as the marshals are very close to confiscating all of Owen’s possessions, any proceedings from this art sale also belong to the Marshals Service.

Raylan and Art show up at Owen’s sprawling ranch along with the art dealer, Karl Hanselmann. As Karl analyzes the paintings, Raylan and Art discover to their shock these paintings are supposedly by Adolf Hitler! Karl owns dozens of Hitler paintings, and will purchase these if they turn out to be authentic.

While Karl looks at the art, Raylan takes a stroll through the property and meets Owen’s much younger wife, Caryn. Caryn was just a riding instructor for Owen’s kids before Owen left his first wife for her. Now she’s clearly broken up about the prospect of losing her newfound life of ease and riches if Owen is convicted.

Raylan returns to the house to find Owen furious. Karl says these aren’t real Hitler paintings, but fairly poor forgeries.

That night, Owen’s summoned Caryn’s art dealer, David Mortimer, to the house. He’s chewing him out about selling him fake Hitler paintings when Greg, the horse trainer, sneaks up behind him and kills him with an antique Luger. David is shocked, but Caryn and Greg quickly go about making the death look like a suicide. Caryn’s been having an affair with Greg, and she figures the marshals can’t convict a dead man, or confiscate his money and estate. Owen discovering the Hitlers were fakes was only a slight hiccup. Caryn had indeed enlisted David to sell her husband fakes, splitting the profits with him, but she’s got David over a barrel, because if he tells anyone about the murder, she’ll reveal he swindled Owen.

The morning the police discover Owen’s body, Luger in hand, and the fake Hitler paintings gone, apparently burnt in the fireplace. Raylan’s not so sure it’s a suicide, though. Normally in suicides the gun falls from the victim’s hand, but in this case Owen’s still got a pretty firm grasp on it.

Later that day, Raylan’s ex-wife Winona comes to his office to ask for a favor. She wants him to run some names, but she won’t say why. Raylan agrees. After looking into the names, Raylan sees something suspicious enough to warrant a visit to Winona’s husband Gary’s real estate office. Raylan insinuates to Gary that he knows Gary might be up to something not quite ethical, and if Gary endangers Winona in any way there will be consequences.

As he continues to investigate Owen’s death, Raylan discovers those weren’t the fake Hitlers in the fireplace, after all. The remains aren’t the right kind of paint. Raylan figures something fishy is going on, and he confronts Caryn, spooking her.

It turns out, Caryn kept the paintings in order to always have some blackmail material on David Mortimer. She goes to Greg after Raylan confronts her and tells him they’ll have to kill David, just in case. Not long after Caryn leaves Greg, though, Raylan shows up to talk to him. He encourages Greg to ask himself “where does it end?” Once you’ve killed one person, and then you’re forced into killing another… Does it ever end?

That night, Caryn and Greg lure David to the barn. Greg puts a gun on him, ready to take him out, but hesitates. He asks Caryn the same thing Raylan asked him. “Where does it end?” Angry, Caryn tries to convince Greg to go through with it, incriminating herself in the process. That’s when Raylan and the police step out of the shadows. Greg was wearing a wire.

The next day Raylan goes to see Karl, the Hitler art collector, to tie up some loose ends. At Karl’s urging, Raylan reluctantly agrees to take a look at Karl’s Hitler collection. Karl takes him into a back room containing no paintings, but instead shelf after shelf of jars with what looks to be ash inside them. Karl explains that his father was part of the Third Reich, and that one of his fondest memories was of going throughout Germany on behalf of Hitler and buying up the art he had produced in his youth. Karl hated his father, and now he buys Hitlers wherever he can find them, then he burns them.

Later, Raylan goes to Boyd again and tells him he’s changed his mind, he doesn’t want anything on Arlo. Boyd wants to know if he’s sure, because he’s found a something out that could put Arlo away for the rest of his life.

Raylan doesn’t answer right away…

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Raylan and Rachel have been on a stakeout for 3 days, looking for a fugitive named Wilson Toomey. They’re outside his ex-wife’s house, but they haven’t caught a glimpse of Wilson, and therefore have no grounds to go inside looking for him. Raylan decides to get a closer look. He dons a baseball cap, goes to the front door and tells Toomey’s ex-wife Sonya that he’s a man down on his luck, looking to do a little yard work in exchange for food. While Raylan goes about the yard work, he tries to get a peek in the windows/doors, but doesn’t see any sign of Toomey the first day.

Meanwhile, in Harlan, Raylan’s father Arlo breaks into one of the homes he rents out and starts destroying the tenants’ belongings with a baseball bat. He then phones 911, reporting his own break-in anonymously. When Sheriff Hunter shows up, he finds Arlo asleep on the sofa. Sheriff Hunter brings the tenant, Stan Perkins, in to try and settle with Arlo. Arlo claims that Perkins doesn’t pay his rent, which Perkins disputes. Arlo knees Perkins in the balls and subsequently gets carted off to jail. After the police have left, Perkins goes into a closet and opens a secret compartment. There’s nothing inside, but from the look on Perkins face, there should be.

That night, Raylan’s in bed with Ava when she gets a call on her cell, only the call is for Raylan! It’s his Aunt Helen, currently his stepmother, calling to get Raylan’s help bailing Arlo out of jail.

While Raylan is at the jail bailing Arlo out, Helen gets a visit from Stan Perkins and a couple of thugs he calls his nephews. They start ransacking the house, Stan claiming Arlo stole something from him. When Helen slashes at Perkins with a knife, the nephews defend him, knocking Helen to the ground.

Arlo and Raylan return to Arlo’s house to find the place a mess and Helen roughed up. Arlo’s furious, says he’s going to go after Stan and the nephews. Helen tries to calm him down. She asks for Raylan’s help, but Raylan’s already out the door. Helen goes after him, privately reveals to Raylan that Arlo had a heart attack a couple of years ago. She’s worried about him.

After Raylan’s gone back to Lexington, Arlo goes to a diner, finds the nephews, and beats the crap out of them with a baseball bat. As he’s beating them, though, he’s suddenly hit with another heart attack.

Back in Lexington, Raylan continues doing yard work at the Toomey house. He gets inside the house by telling Sonya he needs to use the bathroom. Wilson Toomey, the fugitive he’s been looking for, is indeed inside. Raylan pulls him aside and reveals he’s a U.S. marshal. He tells Toomey he’d rather not have to arrest him there in front of his young kids, but Toomey resists. After a brief fistfight, Raylan gets him to the ground and cuffs him. That’s when Sonya comes around the corner with a shotgun, the kids right behind her. Raylan is able to talk her down, though, explaining that he’s got no wish to see those kids parentless.

Raylan goes back to Harlan as soon as he hears about Arlo’s heart attack. He visits Arlo in the hospital and warns him to be careful about Perkins. Sheriff Hunter’s revealed to Raylan that Perkins used to be a drug trafficker. Raylan then goes to see Johnny Crowder, local low-life and cousin to Boyd Crowder. Raylan finds out from Johnny that Perkins is not only a one-time drug-trafficker, he’s in fact still dealing oxycontin in the Harlan area.

Armed with this information, Raylan goes to Perkins’ house. Perkins lets him in without protest, and in the secret compartment in the closet, Raylan finds a bag of Oxy. Perkins swears that wasn’t there earlier. That last time he checked the compartment was empty, because Arlo had stolen $75,000 dollars in Oxy from that very compartment the night he busted up the place.

Raylan goes back to the hospital and confronts Arlo and Helen. He’s figured out that Arlo probably stole the Oxy, then came back to Perkins’ house, busted it up and called the cops himself so he’d be found there with nothing on him, making it look like there’s no way he could’ve been the one who took the drugs. Raylan’s also figured out that the bag of drugs he himself found at Perkins’ that night was probably in fact planted, just as Perkins said it was – planted by Helen, since Arlo was in the hospital. Arlo and Helen arranged the entire situation so that not only would they get the drugs, but Raylan would get Perkins out of the way. The only thing they hadn’t planned on was Arlo’s second heart attack. Helen tells Raylan that maybe this whole thing could’ve been prevented if Raylan had just gone to see Arlo when he first got to Kentucky instead of continuing to exclude him from his life. This whole situation took place partly because Arlo was just plain mad at Raylan. He just wanted to see him.

“Well, he saw me,” Raylan replies, walking away.

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When a Los Angeles dentist furiously rips the gold fillings out of an unruly patient’s mouth (sans anesthetic), it’s discovered this dentist isn’t just any dentist. He’s actually Roland “Rollie” Pike, a fugitive who escaped Raylan’s custody six years ago. Art sends Raylan and Rachel to Los Angeles to locate Rollie.

While Raylan and Rachel investigate Rollie’s dentist office alongside the other authorities, Rollie plans his escape to Belize with his girlfriend/receptionist Mindy. Mindy even smuggles some dental gold out of the office under some tamales a client had given Rollie as payment for dental work. When Mindy sees federal agencies at the office, she knows they’re after Rollie for more than just ripping the gold fillings out of a guy’s mouth. She confronts Rollie, who admits he used to launder money for a drug cartel.

When Raylan and Rachel discover the gold is missing, they figure Mindy must be working with Rollie. Raylan calls Rollie on Mindy’s phone and reminds him that if the cartel finds him before the authorities do, they’ll kill him. Rollie won’t turn himself in, though, and tosses the phone in a passing truck so it can’t be traced.

The cartel, meanwhile, already has guys looking for Rollie. Frank and Joe, a couple of heavies, recognize Raylan as the guy who killed Tommy Bucks. They make a call to the cartel bosses to find out how to proceed, and the bosses approve a hit on Raylan.

Rollie, meanwhile, goes to one of his patients, a woman whose family he’s done dental work for despite their inability to pay, and asks for help. He wants help finding a “coyote” to smuggle him and Mindy into Mexico. The woman’s father helps Rollie, but the woman herself calls the police about Rollie’s presence.

Raylan and Rachel don’t arrive in time to catch Rollie, but Raylan is able to convince the old man to tell him where Rollie’s meeting the coyote. Outside the house, Raylan notices Frank and Joe and he slips in the back seat of their car. Raylan tells them to leave town or he might have to kill them.

Rollie and Mindy meet the coyote and head for the border, but Raylan’s hot on their trail. He locates their abandoned car only a few minutes after they’ve left it. Unfortunately, Frank and Joe are right behind him. Raylan phones in for a helicopter… and an ambulance. Then he turns to face Frank and Joe, who are out of their car, guns drawn. Raylan gives them fair warning, but Joe keeps coming closer to Raylan, and Raylan has to put him down. Frank pretends to lay his gun down, then turns it on Raylan, and Raylan kills him as well.

Rollie and Mindy, meanwhile, are nearly at the Mexican border when their coyote turns on them. He demands more money than they have, and when they can’t pay threatens to rape Mindy. Rollie tries to defend Mindy and the coyote stabs him. But Rollie’s still got the strength to grab a rock and kill the coyote with it. He and Mindy continue on.

Raylan catches up with Rollie and Mindy right at the border. Rollie appears content to turn himself in and enter witness protection in exchange for testimony against the cartel, but there’s a sniper on the Mexican side of the border. Rollie’s shot but not dead, hiding behind a bluff while Raylan and Mindy hide behind the shell of an old truck. When the sniper stops shooting, Rollie guesses aloud that he must be circling around them to get a better shot. He fears the sniper will kill Mindy, too, and against Raylan and Mindy’s protests, stands up on the bluff, sacrificing himself for them.

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As the new guy at the Lexington office, Raylan inherits the task of interfacing with Arnold Pinter, an eccentric confidential informant. Pinter’s a Brooklyn-born bookie/jack of all trades who offices out of the corner booth at a Lexington diner. Pinter briefly introduces Raylan to Samantha, a pretty waitress at the diner who Pinter thinks of as something of a protégé. Then, after whining about being stuck in small-town America, Pinter gives Raylan information on a fugitive named “Tiny” Winfield. The name is a joke, as “Tiny” is anything but.

After Raylan leaves, Pinter gets a visit from Curtis Mims, a muscular leg-breaker type. Pinter tells Curtis about Raylan – he’s excited about having met the marshal that shot Tommy Bucks in Miami not too long ago (in the pilot episode!). Pinter then sends Curtis off to collect $15,000 he’s owed from a guy named Travis Travers.

Raylan and the marshals, meanwhile, locate “Tiny” at one of his lady friends’ homes. They’re armed to the teeth to deal with this giant of a man, only to find him all but gift-wrapped for them. He’s spread-eagle on his girlfriend’s bed, cuffed to the bedpost in preparation for some kinky fun.

Curtis Mims, find Travis Travers lounging outside his home, smoking a joint. Travis is so laid back he doesn’t even react to Curtis’ threats until Curtis pulls a pair of garden shears out of his pocket and holds them to Travis’ ear. Even then, instead of giving Curtis the fifteen grand, Travis tells Curtis he’s got an idea that can make them both ten times that much. Curtis is all ears.

The next day, Raylan gets worried when Pinter isn’t at the restaurant to collect his $20,000 reward for turning over Tiny. Raylan goes to Pinter’s house, where he comes across Travis Travers. Travis claims to be a friend of Pinter’s. He claims that Pinter has been out of town for a week. Now Raylan knows Travis is lying.

After his encounter with Raylan, Travis rushes back to his own place and lets Curtis know someone’s looking for Pinter. Curtis recognizes Raylan’s description as the marshal Pinter had told him about. It turns out Curtis and Travis are keeping Arnold Pinter in one of Travis’ bedrooms, tied up with a bag over his head like something out of Afghanistan or Iraq. They’re planning to use modern fear-based torture techniques to get Pinter to turn over his secret “escape fund,” a bank account he’s been amassing since moving to Kentucky. Now that Raylan’s on the trail, Travis and Curtis know they’re going to have to speed things up.

That night, Travis and Pinter, ski masks on to hide their identities, take the bag off Pinter’s head to reveal they’ve got Pinter’s protégé Samantha held captive as well. They threaten to torture her with the garden shears if Pinter won’t turn over his cash. Pinter says “go ahead, Curtis.” Not only has Pinter figured out who they are, he also knows Samantha’s in on it. She’s the only one who knew about his secret escape fund, it turns out.

It’s back to the drawing board for Travis, Curtis, and Samantha. As they discuss their next move, Raylan shows up at the house. Curtis pockets his gun and goes out to face him, planning to “outdraw the gunslinger,” so to speak. Raylan defuses any possible violence by informing Curtis that he’s just looking for Pinter so he can give him the reward money for turning over Tiny. Curtis kindly offers to hold onto it for Pinter until he gets back, and Raylan agrees to come back in a little while with the cash.

Once Raylan is gone, Curtis convinces Travis to help him practice his quick-draw so he can outdraw Raylan once Raylan returns with the money. Curtis and Travis draw, Curtis says “bang, you’re dead,” but Travis actually pulls the trigger on his gun, blows Curtis away.

Over Samantha’s objection, Travis is about to torture Pinter with the deceased Curtis’ shears when Raylan returns with the reward money. As Travis signs for the money, Samantha sneaks back into Pinter’s room, gives him a gun and starts trying to untie him.

Travis pulls a gun on Raylan, but Raylan’s able to escape into another part of the house and radio for help. Raylan bursts into Pinter’s room and Pinter shoots him in the chest, thinking it must be Travis coming through the door. Raylan’s wearing a bulletproof vest, but the shot still floors him, has him gasping for breath as Pinter calls out his apologies. As he lays on the ground, Raylan sees the kitchen door coming open, and knows it’s Travis coming for him. He shoots through the kitchen door, killing Travis.

Pinter cares so much for Samantha that he lies for her, claims she was a hostage, too, and not in league with Curtis and Travis. He talks to Raylan about why he never would’ve given up his escape fund, even if they killed him. What use is buying back his life if his dreams go with it?

And then, against his better judgment, Raylan gives in to his desires and shows up at Ava Crowder’s door with a bottle of wine. The last we see is their very passionate kiss.

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Raylan visits Boyd in his prison hospital bed. Boyd wants to know if Raylan let him live on purpose, and Raylan says no, he meant to kill him. Boyd, still in great pain from his gunshot wound, tells Raylan he feels God allowed him to live for a reason. That he is God’s instrument, now. He doesn’t elaborate, but it’s probably not the last Raylan will hear about this.

That night, a pair of state prison inmates, both members of a prison band that dresses up in old-time prison stripes and plays at parties, escape during a performance. On the way to check out the prison, Raylan stops at a convenience store that’s open suspiciously late. The convicts are indeed inside, but they get the jump on Raylan, take his badge, guns, car, even his hat. One of the convicts, Cooper, then turns on the other one, tells him to get lost, he’s on his own. Cooper has his own plans.

Raylan finds it strange Cooper broke out with only 3 months left on a 15 year stint. He and Tim check up with Cooper’s ex-wife Shirley. She’s now hanging with her cousin Dupree and claims she hasn’t talked to Cooper in years. As soon as Raylan leaves, Cooper shows up at Shirley’s place with a shotgun. It turns out Cooper broke out because he’d heard about houses getting broken into and the floorboards getting ripped up in a housing development called Riverbrook – the same development he hid his bank robbery stash in 15 years ago when the houses were still under construction. Sure enough, Shirley and Dupree were breaking into random houses trying to take Cooper’s money before he got out of prison. The trio decides to team up, since Cooper of course knows exactly which house the loot is in.

Cooper, Shirley, and Dupree find the house, Cooper remembers which one it is because of it’s position in relation to a school that was being built along with the development. They break in, spend hours pulling up the floorboards… And find nothing! Dupree figures if Cooper doesn’t know where the loot is, he’s worthless, so he pulls a gun and shoots Cooper in the gut. Shirley and Dupree leave, Dupree apparently with some idea of which house to hit next.

That same night, Ava shows up unannounced at Raylan’s hotel room with amorous intentions. Raylan resists, but sleeps restlessly, getting up in the middle of the night to read the paper. He sees an article in the newspaper about floorboards getting ripped up all over Riverbrook and understands immediately. He knows now why Cooper broke out when he did. Raylan heads for Riverbrook with the marshals in tow. They find the gutshot Cooper, who’s got no idea where the other two went. Rachel points out there are TWO schools in the development, now, and Cooper was using the wrong school for reference.

Dupree and Shirley, meanwhile, have located the correct house and have the family living there tied up. It turns out the family found the hidden money during a remodeling project, though, and they’ve spent every penny. Furious, Dupree shoots the man of the house in the foot.

Using the correct school as reference, Raylan is able to locate Dupree and Shirley. It’s a hostage situation, now. Dupree and Shirley hold the family inside the house hostage. Raylan goes in alone and tries to talk Dupree down, but Dupree won’t give himself up. Dupree turns off the lights in the house, hoping he won’t be able to be sniped from outside. In a fit of conscience, however, Shirley flips the lights back on and Tim snipes him through the window.

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