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Boyd shows up at Ava’s house in the middle of the night and is greeted by Ava’s raised shotgun. Boyd says he’s just there to say he’s sorry for all the wrongs he’s done Ava, both recently and in the past. Ava replies that he can repay her by never bothering her again.

After leaving Ava’s Boyd meets up with his cousin Johnny. It turns out Johnny’s the one who told Boyd about the drug shipment to begin with, only Johnny thought Boyd was going to hijack the truck and the two of them would go into business together. Instead, Boyd blew it up. Furious, Johnny sends Boyd on his way.

Ernesto and Pilar, the drivers Gio sent in the truck, have found Bo and told him about the truck and how the man who blew it up said “Fire in the hole” before firing his rocket launcher. Bo knows now that Boyd’s at fault.

Bo overruns Boyd’s camp, has his son Boyd beaten and forces him to leave his men and go into “exile.”

Meanwhile, in Lexington, Raylan’s brought his father Arlo into town in order to set him up as a confidential informant for more branches of law enforcement. Boyd’s blowing up of the drug shipment has escalated the entire situation. Raylan has Arlo staying in his hotel room while he waits for Assistant US Attorney Vasquez to be available.

Back in Harlan, as Boyd walks through the woods away form his camp, he hears a series of gunshots back in that direction. He runs back, only to find his men strung up to trees, all of them shot dead, and he falls to his knees with anguish.

At the courthouse, Raylan runs into Winona, who mentions to him that Gary isn’t living at home any more.

Meanwhile, Bo shows up at Raylan’s hotel room to talk with Arlo. Bo’s had men following Arlo, it turns out, and now Bo wants Arlo to do something for him to prove his loyalty. He wants Arlo to assist in the kidnapping of his own son, Raylan, so that Bo can hand him over to Gio, the Miami cartel boss.

When Raylan gets to his hotel that night, Arlo engages in some small talk, then tries to pull a gun on Raylan, but Raylan’s already got his pulled. Arlo explains to Raylan that the plan was for him to shoot Raylan in the leg, incapacitating him before Bo’s men come in from outside. Raylan shoots Arlo in the arm, instead. Bo’s men Heckle and Jeckle hear the shot and come inside, only to find Raylan’s gun drawn on them. They try to shoot him anyway and Raylan kills them both.

In Harlan, Bo kidnaps Ava, as insurance in case Arlo doesn’t come through. He also shoots Johnny in the gut as punishment for telling Bo about the drug shipment.

Boyd shows up at Raylan’s hotel room as Raylan’s cleaning up Arlo’s wound. He’s distraught about what Bo did to his men. Raylan almost immediately gets a phone call from Bo, letting Raylan know he’s got Ava, and to meet him in Bulletville to exchange his life for Ava’s. Boyd wants to go with Raylan, and Raylan agrees to it.

The next morning, Raylan and Boyd arrive at Bo’s cabin in Bulletville. Boyd sneaks around back while Raylan goes up to Bo and one of his men, ostensibly turning himself over. Boyd gets into the cabin and kills Hesler, who’s guarding Ava. The distraction of the gunshot enables Raylan to get the jump on Bo, killing Bo’s man and holding Bo at gunpoint.

Boyd steps out of the cabin with his gun trained on Bo. He doesn’t plan to let his father live. Instead, gunshots ring out from the surrounding forest, one of them hitting and apparently killing Bo.

Raylan and Boyd rush into the cabin and take cover along with Ava. Raylan’s able to kill a couple of the guys in the forest from inside the cabin, but Ernesto and Pilar still remain, and they’ve got automatic weapons.

Raylan and Pilar agree to come out of their hiding places unarmed to talk, but as they approach one another out in front of the cabin, Ernesto steps out from behind a truck and takes aim at Raylan. Fortunately, Boyd’s positioned himself in the forest and is able to kill Ernesto. Pilar gets in the truck and makes a run for it. Raylan’s about to go after Pilar when Boyd points a rifle at him. Boyd says he’s pretty sure Raylan’s out of bullets, and even if he’s not, he’s willing to bet Raylan’s still the best friend he’s got. Boyd gets in Raylan’s car and goes after Pilar.

Raylan points his gun at the escaping Boyd’s car and though he mimes firing it, he lets Boyd go.

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