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Raylan’s father Arlo needs protection from an angry Bo Crowder, and he hopes the marshal’s service is willing to oblige. Raylan and his boss Art discuss the situation with Arlo and try to find out if Arlo can be a snitch for them. “What’s it pay?” Arlo asks.

Bo, meanwhile, is in Miami commiserating with Gio, the head of the Miami cartel. Gio introduces Bo to a couple of his people, Ernesto and Pilar. The two of them will be bringing the meth-cooking ingredients up to Harlan via truck in the near future. Gio is very clear with Bo that high expectations come with receiving this much product, and Bo assures him he’s up to the challenge, even with that pesky Raylan Givens hovering around.

Raylan and Art bring Assistant United States Attorney Vasquez in to talk to Arlo. Arlo wants money to give to Bo to get back on Bo’s good side, and Vasquez promises twenty thousand dollars. Raylan insists Arlo should wear a wire, but Arlo refuses and leaves. Art insists that Raylan get over his issues with Arlo and demands Raylan go down to Harlan and get Arlo back on board, with or without a wire.

Ava arrives at her house that night to find Bo’s men there, lounging on her furniture. They threaten her, making it clear Bo plans to make life a living hell for Ava as long as she’s in Harlan. Ava storms out and drives off into the night.

That same night Winona shows up at Raylan’s hotel room, and without saying much of anything she kisses him, and they make love. Then, just as wordlessly, Winona leaves. In the parking lot outside, a saddened Ava witnesses Winona leaving the hotel room.

The next day at a church in Harlan, Boyd takes to the pulpit to “testify,” making a point of saying people should stand up against evil, and this with his father Bo there in attendance. After the service, Boyd tells Bo that if Bo brings drugs into Harlan, Boyd will destroy it. Bo tells Boyd that if he does that he’ll be signing his own death warrant.

Meanwhile, Raylan arrives at the VFW looking for Arlo and finds a police tactical team outside about to storm the place. The new sheriff, Sheriff Davis, gives Raylan a hard time at first because she blames Raylan for Sheriff Hunter’s arrest, but eventually she tells him what’s going on. There’s a soldier inside named Lucky who’s so upset about not being able to join his team in Afghanistan that he’s taken a grenade inside and is threatening to blow himself up. As Raylan and the tactical team watch, Arlo tells a story about his own service that convinces Lucky to put down the grenade and choose to live.

After Lucky’s escorted from the VFW, Raylan has what almost passes as a civil chat with Arlo. Arlo even agrees to wear a wire.

Across town, Ava confronts Bo, shotgun in hand. Bo demands Ava leave Kentucky, but Ava still refuses, leaving them at something of an impasse.

Arlo, wearing a wire, goes to see Bo, but instead of trying to get information for the marshals, Arlo silently reveals the wire, scribbling messages back and forth with Bo on a piece of paper. He wants to feed disinformation to the marshals via the wire while getting paid for it by Bo. Bo says he’ll think about it.

That night, Raylan goes to see Ava. She reveals to him she saw Winona at his hotel the night before. She also tells him she can’t leave Harlan, no matter what Bo says. It’s her home.

In another part of Harlan, Ernesto and Pilar are forced to stop their truck full of drugs when they encounter a broken down truck in the middle of the road. They get out and chase away the driver, only to be waylaid by masked men, including one with a bazooka. “Fire in the hole!” the masked Boyd says as he blows the truck to smithereens.

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