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Raylan and the marshals raid Boyd Crowder’s “church” camp on the grounds that they’re harboring a parolee in violation of his release. They take several of Boyd’s men back to the marshals’ office and try to get them to roll on Boyd, including one Mr. Dewey Crowe, Boyd’s incompetent lackey from his white supremacist days. The marshals get nothing, though, Boyd’s men all repeat after Boyd: “you strike at the shepherd that the sheep may scatter.” Except Dewey, that is, who gets it confused with baseball terminology. The marshals question Boyd as well, specifically about the meth lab explosion that killed the meth cooker inside, but Boyd won’t admit to anything.

Later on at the courthouse, Raylan runs into Winona. They make awkward small talk that includes Winona wondering if she left her hairclip at his hotel when she was patching him up. She also thanks Raylan again for helping Gary out of his situation. Are there some small sparks flying between the two of them?

Raylan goes to see Sheriff Hunter in prison and asks for his help getting Bo Crowder. Hunter reveals to Raylan that while Bo was in prison, he left Raylan’s father Arlo in charge of his criminal empire. Apparently Arlo did a crappy job, too, and Hunter implies Bo might be none too pleased.

Bo goes to see his son Boyd at Boyd’s camp. He tries to give Boyd some cash, explaining that ever since Boyd blew up that meth lab, every criminal in Harlan has been banging down Bo’s door to pay protection money. Boyd initially refuses the cash. Says that’s not why he did what he did. Bo won’t take no for an answer and as he leaves tells Boyd he’ll be in touch regarding where the “hand of God” should strike next.

Raylan and Art go to Harlan to see Arlo, but Arlo won’t say crap and won’t accept protection from the marshal service.

That same night, Raylan, Art, and Tim are summoned to the site of two dead bodies, the bodies of the other meth cookers they’ve been looking for. These two could’ve testified against Boyd. Bo’s the one who killed them, but Raylan and company don’t know that. For all they know it was Boyd himself.

The next day Arlo and Bo meet. Arlo defends himself, saying he did the best he could with Bo’s business, but Bo’s not in a forgiving mood. He demands fifty thousand from Arlo, and gives him twenty-four hours to come up with it.

Raylan comes across a hitchhiking Dewey Crowe, who’s been banished from Boyd’s camp for “onanism” (masturbation). Dewey tells Raylan that Boyd didn’t kill the other two meth cookers, but that it was Boyd’s disciple Bobby Joe who turned Boyd onto the meth lab to begin with.

Raylan and the marshals raid Boyd’s camp yet again, this time looking to get Bobby Joe. They don’t find him, but Boyd does give Raylan an enticing bit of information. He tells Raylan that Bowman Crowder, Ava’s ex-husband, was running Bo’s business along with Arlo while Bo was in prison. Once the marshals are gone, Boyd and his men uncover a buried Bobby Joe, who’s been hiding in a coffin with the camp’s guns the entire time. Apparently Dewey tipped Boyd off that Raylan was coming.

Raylan finds Ava at a bar near Harlan. Ava’s in a self-destructive frame of mind, and Raylan forcibly takes her out of the bar and then to Winona, asking Winona to take her in for the night.

Meanwhile, Arlo’s wife Helen confronts Arlo after finding her life savings missing. Arlo will admit no wrongdoing, saying he needed the money for various things over the years. Their fight is interrupted by gunshots through their front windows. Arlo and Helen run outside and return fire, but miss the truck the gunshots originated from.

Boyd thanks Dewey for the heads up on Raylan’s raid, but doesn’t forgive him for telling Raylan about Bobby Joe in the first place. He threatens to kill Dewey, but has a change of heart, instead simply telling Dewey to leave.

Bobby Joe, meanwhile, turns himself in to the marshals, taking complete responsibility for the meth lab bombing and claiming Boyd had nothing to do with it.

When Raylan returns to his hotel room, he finds Arlo there waiting for him…

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